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Announcing the Release of Acadience Math

We’re thrilled to announce the official release of Acadience Math

Over the last 12 years, Acadience Math has undergone meticulous research and development that has culminated in the final set of measures that exist today. It consists of measures of Early Numeracy, Computation, and Concepts and Applications and is aligned with the Common Core Standards in Mathematics.

How to use Acadience Math

Assessment Materials

Acadience Math assessment materials for grades K-6 are available for free download or for purchase in conveniently packaged, printed sets. For more information, visit the main Acadience Math page.

Data Management

If you use Acadience Math, you will be able to enter scores and access reports in Acadience Data Management at the low cost of $1 per student, per school year. And if you already use Acadience Data Management for Acadience Reading K-6, the cost of Acadience Math is included, so you will only pay $1 per student.

To sign up for Acadience Data Management, visit


A series of short training videos on the administration and scoring of the Acadience Math measures are available for no additional cost.

If you are seeking more in-depth training, the Acadience Math Essential Workshop is available for purchase as a pre-recorded online training.

The Acadience Math Essential Workshop and Data Interpretation and Mentoring Workshop are available as live online webinars and onsite training. If you complete both workshops, you will become an Acadience Math Mentor and receive access to the official training materials. Current Acadience Mentors may earn a Math endorsement by completing the Math Essential Workshop.


If you have any other questions related to Acadience Math or other Acadience products, please contact us at