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Exciting News from the Authors of DIBELS Next

We are Roland Good and Ruth Kaminski, and together with our colleagues at Acadience Learning Inc., we created the DIBELS Next® assessment used by many educators to improve outcomes for students around the world. We are also the creators and primary authors of DIBELS® 6th Edition and all earlier versions of DIBELS.

In the coming months, we will be making some exciting announcements about our assessments, including a new name that better reflects our vision. Frankly, we feel we have outgrown the DIBELS name. We are so much more than an early reading assessment, and we desire a name that reflects our ongoing commitment to improving outcomes for students, educators, and schools across subject areas and age levels.

Ruth A. Kaminski and Roland H. Good III

Renaming the Acadience Learning family of assessment products has allowed us to amicably settle our dispute with the University of Oregon. As part of the settlement, Acadience Learning has agreed to sell the DIBELS trademarks to the university. However, Acadience Learning owns the copyright to DIBELS Next and will continue to provide DIBELS Next through our publishers and via free download on the Acadience Learning website. As part of renaming our assessment products, DIBELS Next will be given a new name after a transition period. More information about the settlement is provided in the joint statement available on our website.

What does this mean for you?

The important takeaway is that our current products and services will stay available to you from the authors and our publishers. Only the names will change. The DIBELS Next assessment will continue to be available from Amplify and Voyager Sopris Learning. The DIBELSnet data management and reporting service will remain available, just with a new name. The Acadience Learning family of assessments will remain available as well (PELI®, Math, Deep, Survey, CARI™). Essentially, almost everything will stay the same, simply under a new name. We will continue to work with our publishers, Amplify and Voyager Sopris Learning, to provide service and to minimize disruption for everyone using the DIBELS Next assessments.

Exciting things to come from Acadience Learning

We look forward to sharing details as they become available. We certainly welcome any questions you may have. Below are frequently asked questions that will address many of your inquiries. If you have further questions or want to share your feedback with us, please contact us at In the meantime, you can continue using the assessments that have provided you with actionable insights into the needs of your students.

We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with you as Acadience Learning embarks on a new and exciting chapter.

Thank you!

Ruth A. Kaminski and Roland H. Good III

August 30, 2018
Acadience Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How soon will DIBELS Next be renamed?
A: Download versions of DIBELS Next will be renamed within the next few months, but the assessment content will remain the same. The published versions of DIBELS Next from Voyager Sopris Learning and Amplify will be renamed over the next few years.
Q: Can we still use our current DIBELS Next materials?
A: Absolutely! The assessments will remain the same, just with a new name to be announced soon.
Q: Will DIBELS Next still be available as a free download?
A: Yes. DIBELS Next -- with a new name -- will remain available as a free download from Acadience Learning for the foreseeable future. Information about obtaining DIBELS Next is available here.
Q: Will scores still be interpreted the same way?
A: Yes. All of the scores will still be interpreted in the same way.
Q: Will the benchmark goals change?
A: No. The benchmark goals and cut points for risk are not changing and can be found by clicking here, with the addition of our new 'Above Benchmark' blue zone. The benchmark goals will remain available in reports from DIBELSnet and mCLASS:DIBELS Next. DIBELSnet will have a new name, to be announced soon.
Q: What will happen to my old DIBELS Next scores?
A: All the scores will remain the same. Scores from your prior year assessments will continue to be available. Our DIBELSnet data management and reporting service will remain available, with a new name, and will provide the reports designed by the authors of DIBELS Next.
Q: Will we need additional or different training?
A: No. You will not need any additional training. The assessment materials will remain the same, just with a new name as described above. Your current training will continue to be appropriate, especially if your team has been trained by Acadience Learning, the authors of DIBELS Next, or trained by a DIBELS Next Mentor.
Q: Will Acadience Learning continue to offer training?
A: Yes. Acadience Learning will continue to offer training developed by the authors. Our trainings and workshops feature (a) the foundations and guiding principles of our assessments, (b) how to administer and score each measure, (c) the logistics of implementing the assessment within a school, (d) interpreting the results, and (e) using those results to improve student outcomes. Acadience Learning provides training on its entire suite of products, including DIBELS Next, Deep, Survey, PELI, CARI, and Math.
Q: Will we still be able to use DIBELS Next on mobile devices?
A: Yes. Amplify, Acadience Learning’s publisher in the mobile field, will continue to support DIBELS Next on mobile devices.
Q: What about IDEL®?
A: Acadience Learning has agreed to sell the IDEL trademark and copyright to the University of Oregon. Amplify and Voyager Sopris Learning will continue to publish IDEL. You may continue to enter IDEL data in our DIBELSnet reporting service – soon to have a new name.

PELI® and CARI™ are trademarks of Acadience Learning Inc. The DIBELS®, DIBELS Next®, and IDEL® registered trademarks have been purchased by and are now owned by the University of Oregon; Acadience Learning’s continued use of those marks is by license from UO.

The DIBELS Next copyrighted content and copyright continues to be owned by Acadience Learning Inc.