Pathways of Progress

The authors of DIBELS® at Dynamic Measurement Group are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Pathways of Progress for DIBELS Next®.

Pathways of Progress is a
research-based tool for:

  • establishing individual student progress monitoring goals
  • evaluating individual student progress and rate of growth
  • evaluating the effectiveness of support at the classroom, school, or district level

Overview Video

Pathways of Progress Overview Video

For an overview of Pathways of Progress, watch this video from Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Kelly Powell-Smith.

Watch the Video

Pathways of Progress provides an evaluation of individual student growth or improvement over time, compared to other students with the same level of initial skills. This innovative approach empowers educators to set goals that are meaningful, ambitious, and attainable. It increases the precision with which progress is evaluated at the student and classroom levels. Pathways of Progress, when combined with the DIBELS Next benchmark goals and DIBELS Next Composite Score, provides teachers with a frame of reference for examining where their students are, specifying where they need to get to, and evaluating whether they are making adequate progress.

Pathways of Progress is available for DIBELS Next in Dynamic Measurement Group's DIBELSnet data reporting service and Amplify's mCLASS service. Contact us at for more information about Pathways of Progress, DIBELS AD, and DIBELSnet.

Download the Pathways of Progress Manual (coming soon)

The Pathways of Progress Manual will be available as a PDF download.

Pathways of Progress Resources

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Aspects of Learning: Abilities and Disabilities.


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DIBELS Pathways of Progress: Setting Ambitious, Meaningful, and
Attainable Goals in Grade Level Material
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