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IDAPEL Early Release

We are pleased to announce the early release of IDAPEL® for research partners for the
2018-2019 school year. IDAPEL is a series of French-language formative assessments designed to assess the early literacy skills of students learning to read in French in grades K through 5. IDAPEL assesses the fundamental early reading skills of phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy and fluency with connected text, and text comprehension.

For details on the IDAPEL Early Release, read our announcement.

The IDAPEL Essential Training Workshop is available as an onsite or online workshop. The IDAPEL Data Use and Interpretation Workshop is available as an onsite workshop.

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IDAPEL Entraînement essentielle dans l'application des épreuves
(IDAPEL Essential Training)

The IDAPEL Essential Training Workshop is a two-day French language workshop designed to provide:

  • An in-depth understanding of the conceptual foundations of IDAPEL
  • Comprehensive practice in the administration and scoring of
    IDAPEL measures (Grades K–5)
  • Suggestions for implementing IDAPEL in your school/school district
  • This practitioner model supports individuals using IDAPEL in their school/school district

Who should attend the IDAPEL Essential Training?

In addition to classroom teachers, attendees should include any school staff, including administrative staff, district school psychologists, speech and language specialists, school aides and other resource personnel, invested in student reading outcomes and who could be involved in collecting school data three times during the school year.

Utilisation et interprétation des données IDAPEL
(IDAPEL Data Use and Interpretation)

IDAPEL Data Use and Interpretation Workshop is a two-day French language workshop designed to provide training on:

  • How to interpret individual and classroom scores
  • How to effectively use IDAPEL data to identify students in need of additional support
  • How to progress monitor students as a way to maintain student reading success and to evaluate the effectiveness of additional interventions
  • How to plan instructional groups and identify instructional goals using IDAPEL data

Who should attend the IDAPEL Data Use and Interpretation workshop?

Individuals who have received the initial IDAPEL Essential Training, who are familiar with the administration and scoring of IDAPEL measures through classroom data collection, and who are interested in effectively using IDAPEL data for the purpose of improving individual and classroom reading outcomes.

Director of IDAPEL Research

Lead IDAPEL Professional Development Trainer

Chantal Dufour-Martel

Chantal Dufour-Martel, Ph.D.

Dr. Dufour-Martel is a native of Canada. Born in Quebec, she was schooled in eastern and western Canada. Dr. Dufour-Martel holds a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and a doctoral degree in Special Education from the University of Oregon. She has 20 years experience teaching in Canadian and American public schools, partial and/or full immersion programs. She has been a Tier 2 early reading interventionist for grades K-5. Dr. Dufour-Martel holds a Standard Teaching License, a Bilingual ESOL Endorsement and an Administrative License with the state of Oregon. She is the principal author and co-designer of the French-language literacy measures IDAPEL. As director of IDAPEL research with Dynamic Measurement Group in Eugene Oregon, she oversees research studies with French Immersion students in Canada and the United States, and with Francophone student populations in Canada. Her primary research interests are understanding factors predicting literacy development among bilingual children and youth to inform practices for students with specific learning impairments. She is the author of Cerf-volant, a French-language reading intervention targeted for at-risk students. She has presented results of her research studies at conferences in both Canada and the United States.

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