Acadience Learning exists for a single reason: to improve outcomes. We help realize the potential of every student, every teacher, and every school.

About Acadience Learning

Our Philosophy and Mission

Acadience Learning is an educational company that is dedicated to supporting success for children and schools. Acadience Learning was founded by Roland H. Good, III, and Ruth Kaminski, authors of Acadience Reading (also published under the name DIBELS Next®) and all earlier versions of DIBELS®.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for children and support school success by developing practical, innovative, and powerful assessment and curricular materials. To help effectively implement these tools, Acadience Learning offers high-quality training and professional development.

Acadience Learning believes that by working together we can make a difference. We contribute to school success by producing and making available practical and easy-to-use curricular and assessment materials that are based on the best and most up-to-date research.

In addition, we believe that strong partnerships are essential to our mission of supporting school success. We offer professional development on through our training institutes. We also provide onsite professional development and collaborative support through customized trainings tailored to meet specific needs of schools, districts, and educational agencies.

Our Goals

  • To develop and conduct research on effective assessment and curricular tools that can be used to improve reading outcomes for children
  • To provide high-quality professional development for educators on research-based programs, strategies, and tools to improve outcomes for children and support school success