Research & Projects

Part of Acadience Learning's commitment to helping all children on the path to school success includes ongoing research and development on current and new assessments.

Assessments in Development

Acadience Reading: High School

Acadience Reading: High School is a formative assessment for students in grades 9-12 and is directly aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Research on Acadience Reading: High School is on hold. We do not have a timeline for when research will resume. If you would like updates as more information becomes available, contact us to join our interest list.

Word Use Fluency-Revised

Word Use Fluency-Revised (WUF-R) is currently available to research partners. WUF-R is an untimed measure of oral language and expressive vocabulary for students in kindergarten through third grade.

Additional Research Opportunities

Study to Examine the Relationship between Acadience Reading K–6 and State-Required Assessments

Are you interested in examining the relationship between Acadience Reading K–6 and your district’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS) assessments? Acadience Learning, home of the Acadience family of assessments, is now accepting school districts to take part in a national study to compare Acadience Reading scores for 3rd–6th grade students to their results from state-required assessments aligned with the Common Core, such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced. This study will use Acadience Reading data from the 2018–2019 and/or the 2019–2020 school year and mandated state assessment data from the Spring of 2019 and/or Spring of 2020.

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