Acadience Reading Survey

Acadience Reading Survey is used to identify the appropriate progress monitoring and instructional levels for a student who is reading below their grade level.
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Goals of Acadience Reading Survey

Acadience Reading Survey sets objectives for students who continue to struggle in acquiring basic early literacy skills. It also includes guidelines for setting benchmarks, monitoring progress, and making instructional decisions. Acadience Reading Survey is designed as a companion tool for use with Acadience Reading K–6.

Why Use Acadience Reading Survey?

Acadience Survey materials are a separate set of test forms in one book, designed to test students in lower levels of materials until their instructional and progress monitoring levels are found. Survey is a powerful tool for educators because it:

  • is user-friendly and time-efficient
  • meets the same technical adequacy standards as Reading K–6
  • determines the optimal progress monitoring levels for students who are below benchmark
  • identifies goals that lead to accelerated student performance

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