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Acadience Reading Survey

Acadience Reading Survey (published as DIBELS Next® Survey) is used to identify the appropriate progress monitoring and instructional levels for a student who is reading below grade level.


Acadience Reading Survey (published as DIBELS Next Survey) is a set of testing materials useful for determining the appropriate progress monitoring level, determining the instructional level, and setting goals for students who have missed the prior benchmark goals and continue to struggle in acquiring basic early literacy skills. It may also be used with students who score in the strategic or intensive range during benchmark assessment as a way to get more information for instructional planning and goal setting.

The Survey materials are a separate set of Acadience Reading K-6 test forms in one testing book, designed for use in testing students in successively lower levels of materials until their instructional and progress monitoring levels are found. Acadience Reading Survey also includes guidelines for setting goals, monitoring progress, and making instructional decisions. Survey is designed as a companion tool for use with Acadience Reading K-6.

Why Use Acadience Reading Survey?

Survey is a powerful tool for educators because it:

  • is user friendly
  • is time efficient
  • meets the same technical adequacy standards as Acadience Reading K-6
  • helps educators determine the optimal progress monitoring level for students who are below benchmark
  • helps educators identify appropriate and ambitious goals that lead to accelerated student performance

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Acadience Reading Survey is published as DIBELS Next Survey. You can purchase it from Voyager Sopris Learning.

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