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Acadience Math

Acadience Math is an assessment used to measure the acquisition of mathematics skills from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Release of Acadience Math

The authors of the Acadience family of assessments at Acadience Learning are pleased to announce the full release of Acadience Math. For more details on how to access Acadience math materials, training and data management services, read our announcement.

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What is Acadience Math?

Acadience Math is comprised of measures of early numeracy, computation, and problem solving that function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master in order to become proficient in mathematics. The measures can be used to quickly and efficiently monitor the development of mathematics skills. Acadience Math is designed for use in identifying children experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of basic mathematics skills, in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later mathematics difficulties.

Why Use Acadience Math?

Acadience Math provides reliable and valid universal screening to identify students who may be at risk for mathematics difficulties. These measures also help identify the skills to target for instructional support. Acadience Math also provides progress monitoring measures for at-risk students while they receive additional, targeted instruction to close achievement gaps. Finally, these measures assist educators in examining the effectiveness of school-wide mathematics supports.

The purposes of Acadience Math are:

  • to identify students who may be at risk for mathematics difficulties (universal screening);
  • to help teachers identify areas to target instructional support;
  • to monitor at-risk students while they receive additional, targeted instruction; and
  • to examine the effectiveness of your school’s system of instructional supports.

The advantages of Acadience Math are that it:

  • is cost effective;
  • is standardized;
  • is quick and efficient to administer and score;
  • is thoroughly researched, reliable, and valid, with problem types carefully constrained within and across probes;
  • provides research-based benchmark goals for interpreting results;
  • is specifically designed to be used in a problem-solving, outcomes-driven model of decision making and response to intervention; and
  • is aligned to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

Key Features of Acadience Math include:

  • a user-friendly format with clear, concise directions and scoring rules;
  • carefully developed and empirically refined measures that were field-tested with students in school settings;
  • a composite score for each grade and time of year;
  • arrangement of items to increase reliability of scores; and
  • response pattern analysis tools for the measures of Computation and Concepts and Applications to facilitate targeted instruction.

Data Management and Reporting

Data management and reporting for Acadience Math is available from Acadience Data Management at the low cost of $1 per student, per school year. And if you already use Acadience Data Management for your Acadience Reading K-6 data, the cost of Acadience Math is included, so you will only pay $1 per student.

To sign up for Acadience Data Management, visit


We recommend that anyone who will be administering and scoring Acadience Math complete training on the measures. A variety of high-quality training options are available for individuals and organizations that need training on Acadience Math:

  • Free, brief training videos

      A basic introduction to administration and scoring
      Available to anyone at no additional cost
  • Pre-recorded, online training

      Available for the Acadience Math Essential Workshop
  • Onsite training

      In-depth and customized to your organization’s needs
      Available for both Acadience Math Essential and Acadience Math Data Interpretation and Mentoring
  • Live, online webinars

      In-depth and interactive
      Available for both Acadience Math Essential and Acadience Math Data Interpretation and Mentoring
  • Acadience Super Institute

      Premier, annual training event
      Features Acadience Math Essential, Acadience Math Data Interpretation and Mentoring, and more
  • Learn more about our training opportunities.

Acadience Math Mentors

Acadience Math Mentors receive access to the official training materials from the authors. You can become an Acadience Math Mentor by completing the Acadience Math Essential Workshop and Acadience Math Data Interpretation and Mentoring Workshop. Current Acadience Mentors may earn a Math endorsement by completing the Math Essential Workshop.

Read more about Mentor training opportunities.

How to Purchase Acadience Math Materials

We are now accepting orders for printed, conveniently packaged Acadience Math testing materials. The materials may be purchased as grade-level classroom kits or by individual component.

For additional details, download the Acadience Math Order Form.

Acadience Math Resources

Acadience Math Order Form
Order form for printed, conveniently packaged Acadience Math materials.


Acadience Math Fact Sheet
Printer-friendly details about Acadience Math. Samples of the measures are included.


Acadience Math Benchmark Goals and Composite Score
Detailed information about the Acadience Math benchmark goals and Composite Score.


Common Core Alignment Document for Acadience Math
How Acadience Math aligns with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics


Acadience Math Technical Adequacy Brief
A summary of validity and reliability information for Acadience Math.


Acadience Math National Norms 2016-2017
National norms for the Acadience Math measures for kindergarten through sixth grade.