We are thrilled to announce the launch of Acadience Learning Online, a new digital product developed by the authors of Acadience.


The Acadience Learning Online (ALO) system allows for online administration and scoring of our assessments on touch screen devices such as tablets and iPads. The system will include the ability to administer Acadience Reading K-6, Acadience Survey, and Acadience RAN.

The system also includes data management and reporting features that were developed directly by the Acadience authors. Data from assessments is automatically synced with the data reporting side of the system, and there is not a lag time or separate data syncing step required. Immediate results empower educators to take action with their data. 

Reporting options will include a number of integrated features for viewing student scores and setting goals. The system includes automated features like recommendations for which students should complete Survey level assessments, and which students may be good candidates for progress monitoring. Once a progress monitoring frequency has been set for a student, the system automatically reminds the teacher or assessor when it is time to test a student. The system also has unique features such as Pathways of Progress.

Acadience Learning Online:

  • is the only digital platform (from the authors) supporting Acadience assessments

  • provides an alternative to paper/pencil assessment

  • has an intuitive and elegant interface with a dynamic dashboard for immediate access to data

  • support educators to use data within an Outcomes Driven Model for Decision Making

  • helps educators identify student needs quickly so they can provide targeted instruction and intervention

  • can be used to identify students at risk for reading difficulties including dyslexia

For more information on Acadience Learning Online, please visit our website.

If you have questions, please email us at info@acadiencelearning.org.

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