Acadience Reading in ALO

Support for users of Acadience Reading as they transition to administering assessment measures with Acadience Learning Online.
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This training resource page is intended to provide support for existing Acadience Reading users as they transition to Acadience Learning Online.

For new users of Acadience Reading needing comprehensive training on the administration and scoring of the measures, please visit our Online & Onsite Training page.

Acadience Learning Online Training Videos

To practice in ALO and follow along with the videos, you will need to download the training application. You can find installation instructions here.

First Sound Fluency

Download the handout for FSF here.

Letter Naming Fluency

Download the handout for LNF here.

Phoneme Segmentation Fluency

Download the handout for PSF here.

Nonsense Word Fluency

Download the handout for NWF here.

Oral Reading Fluency and Retell

Download the handout for ORF and Retell here.


Download the handout for Maze here.


Download the handout for RAN here.

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