Acadience Reading K–6 Scoring Practice

Practice scoring Acadience Reading K–6 with these useful videos.


This resource is intended to provide ongoing support for accurate administration and scoring of the following Acadience Reading measures — FSF, PSF, NWF, and ORF including Retell. It is intended to serve as a companion to high-quality training, not a replacement for training. Use of this resource includes the right to download and copy the Scoring Practice Worksheets for the purpose of scoring and practice with the video clips only. These materials should not be used for administration and scoring of students.

Download Scoring Practice Worksheets
Download Scoring Practice Answer Keys

As you watch each video clip, score along on the appropriate Scoring Practice Worksheet. Then, compare your scoring marks and total score to the corresponding Scoring Practice Answer Key. If your scoring marks and total score for a measure are different from the answer key, please consult the chapter for that measure in the Acadience Reading Assessment Manual for more information on scoring rules. The Acadience Reading Assessment Manual is available for free download or for purchase from Voyager Sopris Learning. Additional scoring practice is included within the manual.

Training for Acadience Reading is available from Acadience Learning. For more information, visit our Training and Professional Development page.

Scoring Practice Videos

First Sound Fluency Practice

Phoneme Segmentation Fluency Practice

Nonsense Word Fluency Practice

Oral Reading Fluency Practice, First Grade

Oral Reading Fluency Practice, Third Grade

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